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Brea, CA

MMT 30 under 30 nominee

As Tech Center manager for M.R. Mold & Engineering Corp, I’d like to nominate Valeria Magadan as a candidate for your 30 under 30 honors program. Valeria has shown great potential to becoming an effective leader. Valeria came to M. R. Mold & Engineering Corp as a press operator, but she has become so much more in the short time she has worked here. Always looking for ways to gain more experience and expand her knowledge base, Valeria has taken on many challenges and has become a valuable asset in our testing center. She is a leader by example and always willing to lend her co workers a hand whenever needed. Valeria has never shied away from a challenge and has been a steadfast learner while being exposed to work outside her original job description.  She has learned to use different pieces of inspection equipment for checking molded product, developed procedures for parts handling and removal during production molding as well as participated in installing and removing molds from the presses. Valeria has also learned to disassemble, clean and reassemble MR Mold cold runner systems. This has helped her get an up close and personal look under the hood of high quality injection molds to get a better understanding of injection mold construction.


Valeria has asked to take on more responsibilities to become a more valuable asset for MR Mold. Her ultimate goal is to learn mold processing. She is intrigued by the mold making and sees the challenges of generating molding processes and preparing molds to be production ready. With her strong work ethic, attention to details and willingness to work with others, Valeria would be a positive addition to any company.


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