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Brea, CA

Overmold built by M.R. Mold & Engineering

What is an Overmold?

Have a two-material application? Overmolding is an injection molding process whereby parts are molded using two or more different "substrates" to produce a single part.

This process offers improvements in product resilience and appearance, as well as saving time and money by eliminating secondary operations.  It is also ideal for projects with complex final molded component designs.



Overmolded part produced by M.R. Mold

How Does It Work?

In overmolding, the first part of the product is molded from one material, then the second material is molded over the first to create the final molded part.  This can be done several different ways, depending on the final product design. If done correctly with compatible materials, there is no need for primers or adhesives. The materials and overmold process ensure a strong bond between the overmolded components.

At M.R. Mold, we're proficient in overmolding silicone on to silicone, plastic, glass, fabric, and metals. When working multi-material products, it's always best if the molds are built by the same mold maker, to ensure satisfactory results. Knowing the critical dimensions and details of each part, and how they must interact with one other in the overmolding environment, is crucial to a successful project. Our moldmaking knowledge of both thermoset and thermoplastic materials, coupled with our state-of-the-art Tech Center, means your overmold project couldn't be in better hands.

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