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Brea, CA

M.R. Mold Accessories

M.R. Mold is Southern California’s premier custom mold maker, specializing in the manufacture of tight-tolerance, high-quality Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) and plastic injection molds for the medical industry since 1985.

All molds manufactured at M.R. Mold are built using the Society of Plastic Industry (SPI) standards as a guideline.  Each of our employees utilizes a unique skill set that contributes to the quality standard set forth by our management team. We specialize in the manufacture of LSR and plastic injection molds. We are committed to ensuring a successful project – something which our customers have come to expect from us as a world-class mold maker.

At M.R. Mold, we also believe in building prototype molds to prove out the production mold and automation.  Our prototype molds are built with the same precision that your production mold will exhibit.


Mold Manufacturing

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