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Brea, CA

LSR Micro Molded products produced by M.R. Mold

What is a Micro Mold?

When an entire day’s production can fit into the palm of your hand, that's a micro-molded product!

Within the medical industry there may even be individual parts with multiple "micro" features. Micro-molded product generally weighs less than a gram. Molds built for such small parts must be built with precision and skill. A successful micro mold project requires not only a highly skilled mold maker, but also precision equipment and molding machines with micro shot capability. In other words, it takes years of experience and the correct equipment to master this entire process.


Micro Molds

Micro Molded product on a penny for scale

At M.R. Mold, we have experience building micro molds for parts with very small geometry. In addition to infusion sleeve molds, one common part for which we've manufactured micro molds are punctal plugs. This plug increases the eye's tear film and surface moisture to help relieve certain forms of dry eye. Also known as punctum plugs, lacrimal plugs or occluders, these devices often are no larger than a grain of rice. A typical size for this type of part would be .060 long x .040 in diameter, and sometimes even smaller.

Our highly skilled staff have built micro molds for hearing aid components and a number of other micro parts with intricate geometry.

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