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Brea, CA

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M.R. Mold's Sinker EDM

Skilled Staff Plus Current Technology Equals Success

At M.R. Mold & Engineering, our people are our most important asset and our most valuable resource. Their talent, diversity and commitment to each project are crucial to our success.  We provide our employees with the most up-to-date software, training, cutting-edge technologies and machining centers to ensure successful mold building.  The products created from our injection molds are used globally.

Liquid silicone rubber poses many challenges due to its low flash point. Having access to the most current technologies and equipment is essential to the success of each project run through M.R. Mold.

M.R. Mold's 5-axis CNC Yasda

A list of equipment is available upon request to better understand our capabilities. Our machines provide a value-added work environment for our staff, resulting in high-quality, tight-tolerance molds for you, the customer.  Our precision CNC machining cells provide “lights out” capabilities. Our 5-axis YASDA with its WorkPal pallet system has eliminated 75 percent of the EDM work. This equates to shorter lead times and cost savings for you.

M. R. Mold builds multi-cavity molds up to 24 x 48 in size, as well as prototype molds. A typical lead time is 14 - 16 weeks, which includes two weeks of mold evaluation and sampling in our Tech Center.  Validating the mold before it is shipped to you is standard operating procedure at M.R. Mold.  

We're steadfast in following the most current technological advancements and innovations, and we have supported this commitment with machinery, software and training.  We are your single-source solution for machine shop fixtures and short-run production molding.

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