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Brea, CA


End-of-Arm Tooling and Robotics

End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) refers to devices that are attached to the end of a robotic arm. They're designed to function as a robotic hand, interacting with the mold and molded component. Seventy-five percent of the molds we build utilize some type of automation. In order to stay competitive in today’s world, companies must increase production with innovation and automation.

To this end, we at M.R. Mold & Engineering design and manufacture a single-axis pneumatic integral robot for the molds we build. This single-axis robot has a number of interchangeable end-of-arm tooling (such as a sweep).

Robotics used in the molding process

Automation and demolding is part specific and must be addressed at the design stage. Proper orientation and presentation also determine which end-of-arm tooling is used. Knock-outs, grippers, two-stage ejection and mold sweeps are only a small number of the various automation and demolding methods used at M.R Molding & Engineering. M.R. Mold & Engineering offers a sweep-style robot or a grip/push/release-style robot. Both can be designed with various methods of part removal.

Robotic automation results in higher production rates, increased productivity, and better quality products, which is why automation will always be the most cost-effective way to reduce your part price.

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