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Brea, CA

Plastic Injection Mold

Innovative Problem Solvers

DID YOU KNOW that M.R. Mold & Engineering has been building plastic injection molds since 1985?  Whether it's a simple two-plate design, a complex multi-cavity mold with multiple side actions, or something in between, we can deliver it all.

Our innovative team's problem-solving technical support provides our customers with cost-efficient solutions. M.R. Mold's exceptional skill and experience in the silicone industry drives our ability to build unique tools for TPR/TPE products, as well as PFA and Teflon molds. Our highly skilled employees are familiar with all major brands of hot runner systems. 

All of our tools are built to SPI standards, using only the finest steels and components. Tools built to imperial and metric standards.


Plastic Injection Molds

Parts produced by M.R. Mold & Engineering
Parts produced by M.R. Mold & Engineering
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