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Brea, CA


Silicone Vacuum Seal

Injection Mold with Silicone Vacuum seal

M.R. Mold & Engineering offers silicone vacuum seals in two sizes for parting line sealing of silicone and rubber molds. This seal is designed with unique features which provide a tightly sealed mold.

Silicone is a material specifically formulated for the high temperatures required in the manufacture of durable silicone and rubber molds. Our vacuum seals are designed with a tapered body to prevent pinching in the parting line. This design also eliminates the compression set which can occur when using traditional O-rings. The hollow body design readily flexes to seal groove contour and the locking "feet" retains its shape in the seal groove.

This seal is sold in increments of 50 feet. Free samples are available upon request.

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