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Brea, CA

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Our Process

M.R. Mold engineer review a part concept

We Partner with You – From Concept Through Completion

Customers approach M.R. Mold with unique and challenging part geometries. Our engineering team works to provide them with exclusive solutions to meet their project’s needs. We review each project and highlight possible issues that need to be addressed. 

Throughout your entire project, we'll work closely with you to ensure your product can be manufactured.  From the first preliminary design meeting to the final design approval, we partner with you to ensure your project is a success. Our commitment goes far beyond the design and manufacturing stages.  We provide on-going support for the life of the mold, based upon the SPI standards on which it was built.

Two employees reviewing a mold

Communication is Key

Open communication throughout the entire mold building and sampling process is an example of our “customer first” philosophy.  We use online meetings at each design stage, as you deem necessary. Once the design has been finalized, approved, and released to production, we'll create timelines, which will be shared with you throughout the manufacturing process. When the mold has been completed, it goes to our Tech Center for debugging and sampling. This is where we test it for compliance, strength, and manufacturability. The mold will not leave our facility until these criteria are achieved.

At M.R. Mold & Engineering we keep pace with evolving technologies. From the initial design to the shop floor, our manufacturing and automation processes trump the competition. Automated manufacturing cells featuring our 5-axis YASADA with WorkPal pallet system and our Charmilles Form 300 sinker EDM with 3R WorkPartner 1+ pallet changer, give M.R. Mold "lights out" manufacturing capabilities, allow us to stay within the mold build timeline, and ensure on-time deliveries.

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