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Brea, CA

A Good-Bye Hug!

Out with the old ~ In with the new!

While many companies are struggling in the wake of the COVID pandemic, M.R. Mold & Engineering has positioned itself within the industry to remain busy.  In the past 6 months, M.R. Mold has hired 5 new employees, all under the age of 30, and purchased new equipment. 

A Mitsubishi MV2400ST series wire EDM with D-Cubes controller and loT technology has replaced an aging Charmilles.  The Mitsubishi MV series is fully equipped with enhanced functions, energy savings and low operating cost options.

The machine’s wire electrode annealing system and tension control greatly improves automatic wire threading with a curl ratio of less than 10%.  High speed fiber optics provide 4 times the communication response with the fiber optic servo control system.  The Shape control power supply reduces the total machining time by improving straightness accuracy during rough, intermediate and finishing processes.  High-speed machining has been enhanced by newly improved power-supply performance for range of multiple cuts type jobs.  The fully automatic rough machining control realizes highly accurate shape machining even for complicated geometries.


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