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Silicone Elastomers Technology and Fabrication CourseSilicone Elastomers Technology and Fabrication CourseM.R. Mold & Engineering has gained notoriety over the years for its commitment to educating those new to the manufacturing industry. Rick Finnie, president of M.R. Mold & Engineering, and his staff take great pride in sharing their knowledge and experience with students and industry colleagues.

In the past, M.R. Mold has partnered with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee hosting an annual Silicone Elastomers Technology and Fabrication course on the West coast. In 2022, MR Toub Training was created in honor of our colleague and friend Mel Richard Toub. We now partner with California State Polytechnic University (Cal Poly Pomona) on their campus in Pomona. The course offers a comprehensive overview of silicone elastomers and its related processes. Rick is one of the instructors who shares his insight and expertise associated with the mold building process, as well as sharing anecdotal tales he’s experienced over the years. He also opens his shop for one day, 8 hour hands-on training to give the participants a real-world experience of how a manufacturing facility operates. The students get an overview of materials and the various pieces of equipment involved with the liquid silicone rubber (LSR) mold building and the injection molding process. For more information about this course, please visit MRToubTraining.com.

Educating a Jr. High class on manufacturingEducating a Jr. High class on manufacturingRick is part of the Career Technical Education (CTE) Advisory Committee for his hometown Brea school district. This committee advises, supports and assists educators in providing quality learning experiences to students in order to help them meet their career goals. Many students are surprised to discover a world of opportunities they never knew existed. M.R. Mold Tech Center manager, Brian Geisel, has partnered with Laurel Magnet School, a grade K-6 institution and other local businesses as part of a Career Exploration program. This program introduces students to the many different career opportunities within their community. Related to manufacturing, Brian worked with a Laurel fourth grade class and challenged them to create a giveaway product that a business could use to attract the attention of potential customers at a trade show. The students broke up into eight groups and created products for consideration. Each group then gave a presentation describing their product and why it should be considered by M.R. Mold.

Friend of Education Award given by Brea Town CouncilFriend of Education Award given by Brea Town CouncilAs a member of the American Mold Builders Association, M.R. Mold has been the recipient of several AMBA Educational Outreach Awards and AMBA AMMA Grant Awards. These awards recognize a member’s accomplishments and notable impact in the area of education. M.R. Mold works closely with local school districts, encouraging students to consider a career in manufacturing. M.R. Mold offers internships to local high school students to give them real world experience in a manufacturing environment.

Lastly, every year M.R. Mold opens its doors to thousands of students during National Manufacturing Day the first week of October. Students tour the M.R. Mold facility to get a better understanding of what is involved in the creation of high end mass production tooling and the different careers that are involved in the process.