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One-Drop Cold Runner with Universal Base

Perfect for Prototype to Production

1 Drop Cold Runner with Universal Base1-Drop cold runner with universal baseWhen prototyping is needed, it's essential that the prototype be built exactly as the production mold will be built. M.R. Mold’s single-drop cold runner on a universal base is the perfect solution. Our one-drop cold runner will prove out gate location, fill pattern, demolding technique, and automation for production tools. This reduces your production costs.

Universal Base

  • 10” x 10” base with mounting holes for 10" x 10", 8" x 8", or 6" x 6" cavity/core plates
  • Two heating zones with thermocouples in each heater plate
  • Insulation
  • Mounting plates
  • Access holes to press knock out
  • Base made from pre-hard 420SS (RoyAlloy)
  • Quick-disconnect electrical connections

One-Drop Valve Gated Cold Runner

  • Two water circuits
  • Easy to clean
  • 15 mm diving nozzle locating ring standard
  • 0.500 radius nozzle seat available
  • Capable of molding LSR and HCR silicone
  • Cycle counter standard