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Cold Runner System

8 drop valve gated8-drop valve gatedA cold runner system in liquid silicone injection molds equates to a hot runner system in plastic injection molds.  It keeps the liquid silicone cold until it is injected into the hot cavities of the mold.

32 drop valve gated32-drop valve gatedThe objective of a cold runner system is to save you time and material within your LSR project.  In some cases, cycle time is driven by the cure time of the runner and sprue. Eliminating the runner system by gating directly into the cavities decreases cycle time, reduces material costs, and simplifies mold automation. A cold runner system will provide you with better control over your process, while enhancing automation and operator-free molding.

Proprietary System

At M.R. Mold & Engineering, we've developed a proprietary cold runner which we offer as a stand-alone system. This cold runner system is available in standard and built-to-order patterns for a single, 2, 4, 8 and 16 drop configurations. Options such as mold size, nozzle spacing, nozzle tip design, and travel restrictors are available.  

A cold runner will add costs and maintenance to the mold, and may not be cost-effective for all projects.  However, the cold runner does not have to be dedicated to one mold, if production parts are similar. Manufactured with the finest quality materials and competitively priced, a cold runner system can save you material, time, and money.